Seven caddies from Oak Park CC awarded the Evans Scholarship.

Letters from the newest OPCC Evans Scholars.

NBC features Marquette Evans Scholar Maryclaret Ndubuisi-Obi
NBC Sports coverage of the 2012 BMW Championship included an inspiring feature on Evans Scholar Maryclaret Ndubuisi-Obi, a sophomore at Marquette University. The video, narrated by Jimmy Roberts, has been posted to the WGAESF's multimedia section of our website. Following is a link to the video. (Note that due to the size of the video file you may need to restart the video once the file has downloaded to your computer.)
Maryclaret, who caddied at Oak Park Country Club, sent us the following note after the feature aired:
"Thank you so much for telling my story in such a spectacular way. I really do hope that it inspired the minds and hearts of young students across the nation. I am proud and honored to have represented the Evans Scholarship Foundation and look forward to seeing it change many lives each year. I send all my thanks and gratitude to all the staff and personnel that worked on the broadcast. I also want to thank those who contributed to the making of this tournament. It is great to know that I have touched the hearts of so many, and I give that thanks to you." 

Maryclaret Ndubuisi-Obi 



OPCC Caddy Expectations

Fore Caddy System

As we start another golf season at OPCC, the Carts and Caddie Committee thought it would be helpful to go over some of the expectations that a golfer can expect from a caddy. We have broken them down by classification.

'B' Caddie

'A' Caddie

Honor Caddie

  • Keep pace with golfer

  • Keep golf clubs & golf ball clean on green

  • Replace all divots and rake bunkers

  • Position self properly and remain quiet

  • Handle the bag with little or no problems

  • Handle the flagstick

  • Fore caddie

(In additions to B Caddie skills)

  • Understand the rules/etiquette of the game

  • Able to work as a team with other caddies

  • Understand the game of golf

  • Ability to handle more than one player even if carrying only one bag

  • Ability to mark player’s golf calls on the green and maintain control of a group

  • Know the yardage from the permanent markers

(In additions to A and B Caddie skills)

  • Ability to read greens and offer advice when requested

  • Can handle two bags easily

  • Can easily train and supervise younger caddies and demonstrates leadership ability

  • Plays some golf

  • Caddies regularly with a minimum 2 years experience

Traditionally at Oak Park, we pay twice the flat rate for a satisfactory job by the caddy that meet the expectations listed. For a better job feel free to tip more than double, for a job less than satisfactory, do not pay double. While we appreciate the caddy grading card that members do on the pay card, the tip paid also is a way for the caddie and the caddie master to know how they are doing.

In addition to the expectations above, all the caddies are required to call all golfers by Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss. No addressing members by first name. We are not trying to be stuffy but we feel this is proper etiquette that we want these young men and women to learn. We hope they will project a courteous and positive attitude to you and them from you, the golfer.

With that said, we hope that you will take time, if you desire to interact with the caddy about school, activities, interests, etc. We can be tremendous role models and influences to the caddies, which can positively impact them.

A quality caddy can really add to the enjoyment of the round and we hope you will help us make the caddy program at OPCC the best in Chicago land. 

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